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Fast Freddy’s Fetal Livers Emporium

I wrote today about that horrifying video of a Planned Parenthood executive merrily discussing compensation for trafficking in the livers of dead children between nibbles of salad and sips of wine. At the time I wrote it, Senator Cruz and Governor Jindal had called for an investigation; since then, many other Republicans have joined in, to their credit.

It is, as noted, a crime to traffic in the body parts of children butchered in Planned Parenthood clinics. 


Planned Parenthood—and supporters such as Mrs. Clinton—have always argued that what’s in play here is not the butchered body of a child at all, but a meaningless blob of tissue. (What kind of tissue, I wonder? Jackrabbit tissue? Rutabaga tissue?) If Mrs. Clinton and Planned Parenthood and the rest are right, why should it be a crime to deal commercially in these meaningless tissues?

Shouldn’t there be a robust marketplace for those little hearts and livers and “lower extremities,” which, we are assured by all the best people, are not little human hearts and livers and lower extremities, but something else?

Why not sell them on eBay?

Why not have billboards?

Why not have a Fast Freddy’s Fetal Livers Emporium and Bait Shop in every town large enough to merit a Dairy Queen?

If you are having some difficulty answering that question, perhaps you should, as some famous abortion-rights advocate once put it, check your premises. 


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