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Fat Kids and the First Lady

As one chubby old lady (as my gay-marriage foes frequently like to point out), let me weigh in with some science in this debate.

Yes, being fat is bad for your health. No, it’s not remotely like smoking, in terms of health risk. Fat people who eat fruits and vegetables, exercise, and don’t have diabetes are frankly pretty healthy. Moderately fat old people even live longer than thin folks.

Yes, preventing weight gain in children would be good. No, we don’t really know how to do that. Except the one thing that we know works: lapband surgery.

A new scientific study shows that lapband surgery was eleven times more effective than nutrition and exercise with very obese teens. If obesity is the health threat the First Lady identifies (I’m open to that, but not totally persuaded), we need to figure out how to finance these surgeries for obese teens.

Tax credits, anyone? The problem with insurance is that a great number of companies exclude obesity surgery, and the ones that remain drive up the cash costs.

Here’s the weird thing: Teen sex is demonstrably bad for teen’s health. Yet the same administration that slashed abstinence funding is now going to focus on food? Like I said: Weird.

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