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Fauci Asked about U.S. Funding Wuhan Lab

Dr. Anthony Fauci testifies at the House Select Subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic on Capitol Hill, April 15, 2021. (Susan Walsh/Pool via Reuters)

Senator Rand Paul asked Dr. Anthony Fauci about the United States’ role — and Fauci’s own as head of NIAID — in funding the Wuhan Virology Institute to study “gain-of-function” in coronaviruses. Basically, lots of outlets have reported that a subgrant to the EcoAlliance diverted U.S. tax dollars to study how to make bat coronaviruses more infective in humans.

The exchange got very testy.

And, it’s hard not to see that Fauci is responding in a technically correct but ultimately misleading way. Notice the shift between definitions from one question to the next? We need public officials and the press to push much harder on this line of questioning.


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