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A Favor to Ask

Thank you! 


Some National Review readers have already contributed to our Fall 2009 Fundraising Drive. We’re grateful.  


We don’t do this — take over part of our homepage and The Corner for a week — lightly, or for lack of need: National Review has always operated on the generosity of our readers. National Review Online even more so. 


NRO is available to the world free of charge. It relies on modest advertising funds to cover some basic operating costs (bandwidth and some staff), but mainly on subscribers to National Review and generous donations from our readers.  


Be assured that your contribution to National Review Online’s Fall 2009 Fundraising Drive will be put to good use, doing what we strive to do well everyday: Bring you thoughtful and rapid news, analysis, and commentary on the latest developments in Washington, politics, and the culture. Looking toward the future, restocking the ideas cabinet — highlighting what’s good, and exposing what’s bad.  


As you well know, this is a critical time in our nation’s history, on many fronts, domestic and foreign. It’s no time to slow down or give up. Needless to say, we want to continue to do what we do — making the best use of our talents, finding new talent, and adapting the latest technology — to the degree that that makes sense on our shoestring budget.  


The whole NRO operation is and always has been an exercise in teamwork. Yes, National Review staff labor to get it published daily, and throughout the day. Our writers — on staff and off — work to get us their best, quickly, with little or no compensation. They do it because they know you’re reading. We team up with you, and together we get the right ideas circulating.

We can only do that if we have your commitment to our future. Sincerest thanks to all those who have donated in years past or have already donated today. Thanks also to all of you who are considering contributing as you read this. Thank you for your readership, your loyalty, and your generosity.  


You can make a donation here


Of course, it also helps the whole National Review mission — and thus NRO — if you subscribe to National Review, the mothership. If you don’t already receive the magazine, please subscribe here.  


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  


And finally, if you want to send a snail-mail donation to National Review Online as your Fall 2009 Fundraising Drive contribution, send it to: 

National Review Online Fall 2009 Fundraising Drive  

215 Lexington Avenue 

11th Floor 

New York, N.Y. 10016

Thanks again. And please don’t hesitate to e-mail with any ideas, suggestions, or other feedback. 


Have a wonderful week. I’m hoping, with your help, we here at National Review Online do the same.