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Favreau: Obama’s All About Compromising and Assuming Good Faith!

Jon Favreau, Obama’s former chief speechwriter, offers an assessment of Obama’s presidency that most Republicans will perceive as science fiction:

Democracy is not about I or us vs. them. Democracy, as Obama often says, is about the word we. It is big, messy, and noisy. It is inclusive, welcoming, and tolerant. It’s about a willingness to compromise and assume good faith in others. It’s about a belief that America is not the project of any one person, party, race, or religion — that we all have a responsibility to find a way forward, together, even if we don’t get everything we want, even if we don’t always win the argument, even if sometimes we take two steps back.

Compromise and assume good faith? Wait, we’re talking about President “Get in their faces”? President “Latinos, punish their enemies“? The president who compared his Republican political opponents to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard? The president who said his opponents’ rhetoric and arguments were a potent recruitment tool for ISIL? The guy who thinks the only reason any state could refuse to expand Medicaid is political spite? The guy who called his opponents teabaggers? The guy who lectured that Christians need to get off their high horse about the Crusades at the National Prayer Breakfast?

You mean that “willingness to compromise and assume good faith”?


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