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Fbi Background Check: What Not to Do

Kathryn, I saw your post about Terry Teachout. Reminded me: I have

a relative who works for the FBI in New York. Many years ago, when he

first applied for the job, he was still living in a part of The Bronx

that has a high concentration of mafiosi and their usual (and much

larger) coterie of wannabes. The FBI, of course, knocked on various

doors to try to conduct background interviews about my relative.

Naturally, being the FBI, they are not always clear that the purpose of

their questioning is to check out a potential employee rather than probe

a potential crime. Even more naturally, the people of The Bronx

wouldn’t believe them even if they were clear. It should come as no

surprise, then, that one night, a neighbor my relative barely knew rang

the doorbell and told him, “The friggin’ Feds came by askin’ a lot of

questions. But don’t worry, I didn’t tell ‘em nuttin’.” To this day, I

don’t know how he got the job. I hope Terry has good neighbors.

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