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February Deadline?

Here are some worrisome bits from Tom Ricks report today in Post:

“A senior intelligence official told The Washington Post that the United States has a window of three to six months to put down the resistance. Iraqis generally are not aiding or abetting groups believed to be responsible for the violence. But, the official said, the anti-U.S. groups are trying to form a coordinated campaign across Iraq.

If successful, “they would be more effective and harder to prevent,” the official said. “They would send a signal to the populace” that they are an alternative to the occupation. . . .

The military also believes that insurgencies like the one in Iraq coalesce into larger rebellions if allowed to fester. Adding to the need for rapid action, a senior U.S. military official involved in Iraq strategy said yesterday that the Pentagon expects to significantly pare its presence in Iraq when major troop rotations come in February. “The feeling is, get it done while we have the assets available,” the official said.”


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