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Feeding The Homeless

From a reader:

Jonah –

You’re just wrong.  For at least 10 years, The Salvation Army and homeless shelters have refused cooked food and left-over food.  Unfortunately, too many nuts would bring them POISONED food.  It’s happened, and that’s why they stopped taking unsealed, prepared foods.

That’s also why we always used to just leave the party leftovers (the last unused tray of lasagna or the noodle pudding we forgot in the oven) at the bus station, given directly to the guys under the overhang.

 Me: I just find this unpersuasive. There are all sorts of ways people can murder other people. We don’t normally bar practices simply because someone might murder someone. If you need to label the dish someone donates so you can track them down for murder later, ok.  But, by this logic we shouldn’t have clothes drop offs for Goodwill for fear that someone might put a bomb in them. 

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