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Singin’ the Kasich Blues

Let me put this as mildly as possible: I have not been in a pro-John Kasich mood lately. And I am grateful to National Review, which has inflamed me and provided a balm. I bet that other readers will understand that seeming contradiction.

NR has gotten me worked up about Kasich (not that I needed it). And it has made me feel better by saying, in effect, “Yup, you’re right. The guy’s a toothache and a menace. I feel your pain.”

Here is Rich Lowry, “#NeverKasich.” Here is Michael Barone, “A Vote for Kasich Is a Vote for Trump.” (True.) Here is Jeremy Carl, “The Insane Campaign of John Kasich.”

And here is Mona Charen, who deduces that Kasich is simply angling to be Trump’s running mate. She also has advice for Ted Cruz: which is to be, not an alternative Trump — Trump Lite — but the anti-Trump, unmistakably.

I feel better. Not about the governor of Ohio. But about life, a bit!


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