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Feeling Mark Steyn’s Pain

At his website, Roger’s Rules, our friend Roger Kimball observes this morning that, though publication of my book is still weeks away, already libel tourism is rearing its ugly head.

Roger’s take on this tactic of intimidating writers and publishers is characteristically incisive, and it should be read it its entirety.  I especially like his conclusion:

Here is the novelty: Our new enemies are not political enemies in any traditional sense, belligerent in the service of certain interests of their own. Their belligerence is focused rather on the very existence of an alternative to their vision of beatitude, namely on Western democracy and its commitment to individual freedom and economic prosperity. Our new enemies are not simply bent on our destruction: they are pleased to compass their own destruction as a collateral benefit. This is one of those things that makes Islamofascism a particularly toxic form of totalitarianism. At least most Communists had some rudimentary attachment to the principle of self-preservation. In the face of such death-embracing fanaticism our only option is unremitting combat.


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