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Feinstein: ‘All the Police . . . All the Mayors’ Support My Assault-Weapons Ban

California senator Dianne Feinstein claimed yesterday on MSNBC that there is widespread support for her assault-weapons ban, so much support that supposedly the entire law-enforcement community is in favor of her legislation. “I think we’ve got all the police,” she told host Andrea Mitchell, “we have all the mayors virtually.” She added that several religious groups, along with “lists and lists” of others, are also backing her bill.

As reported last month, though, a large number of sheriffs across the country have voiced their opposition to the senator’s proposed ban. One California sheriff wrote Feinstein that he would “not turn law-abiding citizens into criminals by enforcing useless gun control legislation”; another California sheriff wrote, “Our founding fathers got it right and many politicians are getting it wrong.”

Nonetheless, Feinstein emphasized that she was going to continue to fight for her legislation, particularly against the “volatile” NRA. The Senate Judiciary Committee may vote on her ban as soon as tomorrow, along with other gun-control measures from her Democratic colleagues.


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