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Feinstein: I’ll Be at Netanyahu Speech — But I Won’t Be ‘Jumping Up and Down’

Unlike some of her Democratic colleagues, California senator Dianne Feinstein said she will attend Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress on Tuesday — but unlike her Republican counterparts, she’s “not going to be jumping up and down.”

Netanyahu’s March 3 visit to the Capitol, which has been heavily criticized by a White House worried it could derail nuclear talks with Iran, is likely to be boycotted by some Democratic lawmakers.

Feinstein is not among them. “I am going to go, I’m going to listen quite respectfully,” she told CBS’s John Dickerson. “I’m not going to jump up and down, which is likely to be the posture in that room.”

“I am very concerned by that speech,” she continued, adding that she hopes Netanyahu will “address what he believes will happen if there is not an agreement” with Iran over its nuclear program.

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