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Feinstein’s Amnesty

Michelle Malkin has an update on the illegal-alien farmworker amnesty that Feinstein, Mikulski, and the execrable Larry Craig attached to the Iraq supplemental last week. Numbers USA has some details (pdf) on the measure that would hold gas and bullets for our soldiers hostage to legalization for a total of 3 million illegal aliens and their spouses and children. And here’s what Roy Beck sent out about the other immigration measures added to the bill:

  • First was the Feinstein AgJOBS-lite amendment, which passed by a recorded vote of 17-12;
  • Second was a Mikulski H-2B amendment–for the next three years, it would exempt from the annual cap of 66,000 any H-2B workers who were admitted during the previous three years. (The impact on the numbers could be exponential–they could rise from 66,000 in FY 2008 to over 400,000 by FY2011.) This passed by a recorded vote of 23-6!
  • Third was an amendment by Sens. Murray and Gregg to “recapture unused” employment-based visas from the past couple of decades. Since any employment-based visas that are not used in one year are added to the number of available family-based visas for the following year, there are no “unused” employment-based visas, and so there are none to “recapture.” However, Murray and Gregg’s deceptive manipulation of visa numbers would add an estimated 218,000 (total) employment-based visas to the annual cap of 140,000, until they are all used (again!). This amendment passed by voice vote.
  • Finally, Sen. Leahy offered an amendment to reauthorize the investor visa program. This, too, was approved by voice vote.


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