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Female Gun Owner Confronts Dem Jim Moran


At Representative Jim Moran’s (D., Va.) town hall meeting on “Preventing Another Newtown: A Conversation on Gun Violence in America,” a young woman, Celia Bigelow — who explained on NRO “Why Young Women Want AR-15s” — prodded the congressman to explain why Democrats were denying young women the option to defend themselves with a gun. She asked, “But why aren’t you pro-choice when it comes to self-defense for women?” Bigelow continued, “Why do male politicians like to stand from their ivory towers and like to tell women how they should defend themselves?” and referenced the rape victim in Colorado who indicated she could have prevented the incident with a gun. Her line of questioning was met with cheers from the audience.

Moran’s response? “On to the next question.”

Other 2nd Amendment supporters also descended upon Representative Moran’s event to protest his anti-gun message and vowed to show up at his next rally.

There is, perhaps, reason to suspect why Moran opposes gun ownership among a certain segment of the population. In 1999, Representative Moran’s wife called the police after he allegedly grabbed her violently during an argument. His son, Patrick, was recently on trial for allegedly smashing his girlfriend’s face into a metal trash gate outside a D.C. nightclub, fracturing her skull.


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