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Female Perversity

After I got the four older kids off to school this morning–my wife is back East for a few days–I noticed that my two-year old daughter needed to be changed. I took her into her room, laid her on the changing table, took off the little sun dress she was wearing, changed her diaper, and then, trying to dress the baby once again in the sun dress, which her big sister had placed on her with no trouble just an hour earlier, I encountered a struggle: The baby crossed her chubby little arms and shouted “No!”

Flustered, I opened a drawer, then began pulling out one little outfit after another, holding them up one at a time, only to have the baby shake her head and say “no!” to each. When our cleaning lady arrived, she took one look at the scene, laughed, and shooed me out of the room. A moment later, she and the two-year old happily emerged, the baby wearing…one of the little outfits that she had just refused.

This could be a very long weekend.


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