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Female Trouble

Jake Tapper: 

Women voters are 10 points more apt than men to be Democrats but the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll of generic congressional candidates had women voters only narrowly breaking for the Democrat, 47 percent to 44 percent. So the president is targeting women, key members of his coalition two years ago who are straying.

Speaking to women business leaders, the president last night tried to establish his feminist bona fides.

“I’m thrilled to be here tonight with some of the most brilliant, most accomplished, most influential women in this country,” the president said. “As Michelle Obama’s husband, I feel very much at home.” During his speech, the Presidential seal fell off. The president joked, “all of you know who I am.”

But the White House worries some female voters may have forgotten. And the president needs those women in order to hold the House and Senate. It’s one of the reasons why you hear the president talks so much about education on the stump.

Next week the First Lady will start a six-state fundraising swing, including “an evening on Broadway” with two female icons, Sarah Jessica Parker and Patti Labelle.  Dr. Jill Biden and White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett are out talking about education and pay equity and chatting on The View.

If Sex and the City is the Democrats’ secret weapon, they’re in more trouble than I thought (the last movie, by the way, suggests audiences are all out of love, relatively speaking). And rather than worrying that women have forgotten who Barack Obama is, perhaps the problem is they have actually gotten to know him and discovered that they’re just not that into him. 


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