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A piece by Phyllis Chessler and Donna Hughes from the Washington Post this weekend appears in the “Note Bene” section of our homepage. A quick disclaimer, first: Just because we link to something there does not mean NR or NRO is necessarily endorsing it. It just means that someone, often one KLo, deemed it worth reading.

Second, about the actual piece: both Clessler and Hughes have appeared on NRO in one form or another (see here and here, for instance). They’re both smart feminists. I don’t agree with them—nor does NR/NRO—on everything, for sure (most glaringly, abortion) but if “feminism” could at a minimum get where they are (example: “Twenty-first-century feminists need to become a force for literate, civil democracies. They must oppose dictatorships and totalitarian movements that crush the liberty and rights of people, especially women and girls. They would be wise to abandon multicultural relativism and instead uphold a universal standard of human rights. They should demand that all girls have the opportunity to reach their full potential instead of living and dying in the gulags of the sex trade.”), it would be a nice restart. (I, of course, would like to see it more in the Feminists for Life realm, but baby steps…)


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