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Feminist Fiasco

Check out this extraordinary article from the International Herald Tribune on the implosion of a new feminist party in Sweden. Here’s a more detailed account of the party’s proposal to abolish marriage and recognize polyamory. Here Sweden’s prime minister announces that he would rather cooperate with the feminist party than with a new Swedish counterpart to Britain’s conservative party. And here’s an article on an attempt by a leftist Swedish party to coopt some of the feminist party’s proposals. Here’s an account of the party’s unraveling.

This stuff is absolutely wild. It amounts to an attempt to establish a quasi-totalitarian feminist state. The cultural Left is usually clever enough to hide its ultimate aims by asking for what it wants in tiny increments. Only in Sweden is it foolish enough to ask for absolutely everything it could ever conceivably want–and all at once.

On the one hand, it seems as though the massive over-reach of the once promising Swedish feminist party has prompted a powerful conservative backlash. On the other hand, it looks as though another left-wing party is positioning itself to squeeze out the squabbling feminist party by coopting aspects of its agenda–including, apparently, the abolition of marriage. So it seems as if the feminist party’s radical agenda is failing and spreading at the same time. If anyone has better information on what’s really going on in Sweden, I’d love to hear about it. In particular, I’d like to know more about the proposal to abolish marriage and recognize multiple partnerships. Is it really still alive?


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