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Various groups which favor the extermination of Israel are complaining about Israel’s security fence, which is designed to protect the Israelis from Palestinian terrorists. The pro-terror groups complain that the fence is a form of discrimination against the Palestinians. If a protective barrier against deadly invaders is “discrimination,” then the Great Wall of China was “discrimination” against the Mongols; and the Maginot Line was French “discrimination” against the Germans. Like the Israeli security fence, the Maginot Line was partly built in disputed territory, since the Germans claimed that Alsace and Lorraine, which had many German-speaking people, properly belonged to Germany. France acquired these provinces after Germany started and lost a war against France in 1914–just as Israel acquired Judea and Samaria after Jordan started and lost a war against Israel in 1967. As Cliff May points out in his latest column,

many other nations have protective fences–including India, the southern U.S., and South Korea. Like Israel’s fence, India’s fence is for protection against Islamic terrorists, and is built in disputed terrority, Kashimir. But it is only Israel that is going to get hauled before the mis-named International Court of Justice for the crime of defending itself.

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