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Fence Sitters For Whoever

From a reader:

Hi Jonah!

As a conservative Democrat, I obviously have been despressed for sometime

to see what’s happening to my party. Since my man Joe Lieberman is out I

can’t in good conscience vote for Kerry-Edwards so while I admit to

rooting for Dick Cheney I am hardly a partisan. I decided to do a little

informal poll of folks I know (here in Ohio) who aren’t firmly in the Bush

or Kerry camp.

I called a few friends right after the debate and talked to other

uncommitteds right after they came into work. The results were startling.

Everyone of the uncommitteds thought Cheney won. However, as of this

writing after lunch those here at works whose personality isn’t what I

would call particularly strong, who initial thought Cheney won, now aren’t

so sure. I ask why and was told that they heard others at work and still

others on the net thought it might have been a draw or even a Edwards win.

Talk about the influence of the media!


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