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Ferguson Protesters Punch, Spit On Rams Fans After Parading Upside-Down American Flag

Fans leaving an NFL Rams game in St. Louis on Sunday were attacked by Ferguson protesters parading an upside-down American flag outside of the Edward Jones Dome. The fans were punched and spit on after some of them objected to a display they found offensive. 

Local Fox affiliate KTVI caught video of a female protester spitting in the face of a fan. Another woman punched a fan in the face, carrying an upside-down American flag in her other hand. Both women were quickly arrested.

Reporter Anthony Kiekow called the incidents one part of a larger brawl between the protesters and fans. Some angry fans allegedly attempted to take the upside-flag from the protesters, possibly sparking the confrontation.

The protesters called the flag a symbol of “America in distress” — a reference to the shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by a police officer in the nearby community of Ferguson this summer. 

Via Mediaite.


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