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A Ferocious Maternal Heart

Reina Luisa Tamayo Danger is a very defiant lady. She is the mother of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, the Cuban prisoner of conscience who died in February after an 83-day hunger strike. His death has rallied the opposition on the island; rarely have opponents of the dictatorship been so united. According to the Cuban Democratic Directorate, “Cuban State Security has posted five men dressed in civilian clothes at the door of [Mrs. Tamayo’s] home, controlling all those who enter and leave the house.” Mrs. Tamayo went to the cemetery to visit her son’s tomb — only to find that it had been vandalized (or desecrated, if you like). She said,

“Murderers, insolents, go and guard the cemetery . . . What you should be doing is protecting my son’s tomb. I will not allow anyone to touch his tomb . . . Leave the door of my home free to those who wish to enter. If you are truly confident in the people, why are you so fearful of anyone from the opposition movement manifesting solidarity to this Cuban mother?”

To read the report, go here. Orlando Zapata was an extraordinary man. His mother doesn’t seem too ordinary either.

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