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Appropriate This

Earlier today, I had a post touching on Ferris Bueller, a movie I also touch on in my column today. Avoiding work, I have now watched, on YouTube, the scene in which Ferris takes over the Steuben Day parade, singing songs atop a float.

He sings “Danke Schoen” — a German song, given English lyrics, and popularized by a half-Indian American (Wayne Newton). Then he sings “Twist and Shout,” a song covered by the Isley Brothers (who were black). And then by the Beatles (who weren’t). One of the song’s writers, by the way, was the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants to America. Anyway, Ferris and his dirndl-decked sidekicks go to town on it.

As I was watching this scene — four and a half of the most joyous minutes in life — I thought, “Today, they’d probably call it ‘cultural appropriation.’ And ban it. Or punish it.”

Every day, in a hundred ways, the Left would spoil life. The melting pot is a great and glorious thing. They would pour it down the drain. E pluribus unum is one of the best ideas ever. They would consign it to the dustbin of history.

More Ferris, less Left, is what I say. If you want to avoid work — or simply grin — check it out.


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