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A few last McCain thoughts


1) The solipsism of the student Left is incredible. That a war hero would come to talk to you about what he’s learned in life, and your reaction would be to shout–“it’s about me!” Amazing.


2) The forfeit of foreign-policy idealism on the left at the moment is near total. McCain got some applause when he said we should be doing more in Darfur–maybe because that’s a cause that has an anti-Bush tinge. But his defense of American values and spreading them to the world was met with indifference or hostility.


3) McCain gets credit for going to such a hostile forum. He’s one of the best on the right in pulling off such things, of course. In sheer political terms, one of his challenges is to get hated by the right people and shake his reputation as the media’s and liberals’ favorite Republican. Getting heckled by left-wingers helps.


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