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A Few Things I’ve Learned This Election Season

Whichever candidate wins this election, here are a few things that this election has demonstrated:

‐ There is no such thing as a post-political politician, and there never will be.

Everything is still racist.

‐ MSNBC is more partisan than Fox News.

‐ Americans now like bailouts.

‐ America might be better off it it dropped bombshells on Gloria Allred and Donald Trump, rather than the other way around.

‐ Wisconsin is a swing state once more.

‐ Drones are uncontroversial.

‐ Mitt Romney is pretty funny.

‐ Bill Clinton remains a powerful actor in American politics.

‐ The Republican party appears not to want to win control of the Senate.

‐ Even if you are President of the United States, it is possible to run for a second term as an outsider.

‐ Barack Obama would win easily with almost any other country’s electorate.

‐ You can vote from space.

‐ Americans like energy. Both candidates felt a need to outdo one another as to how much coal they could burn.

‐ That debate is best that is moderated least.

‐ Embracing “climate change” is political suicide.

‐ Debates can matter.

‐ Discussing foreign policy around election time is unacceptably “politicizing” it.

‐ Obamacare remains unpopular.

‐ Fact checkers don’t check facts.

‐ The Democrats appear to have lost some of their advantage on Medicare.

‐ The pro-Second Amendment contingent has so thoroughly won the debate over firearms that it has been rendered almost a non-issue.

Feel free to add your own in the comments.


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