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So much to say, so little TIME. You know how it goes. If you want a speed guide to NRO today, take a quick tour of the homepage: Nina Shea on the problems of the draft constitution—a real bad compromise. Steven Vincent from the Sunni Triangle, getting real real with Iraqis—important read. Also in Iraq, Andrew Apostolou, on the bombings earlier this week and the terrorist agenda. There’s also an important read from Ira Winkler on Memogate, which he calls “gateless”—the scandal of the Democrats lack of computer security, of the kind Congress wouldn’t let other Americans get away with. There’s Bob Moran responding the controversy of the campaign day: using 9/11 in W. ads and also, in another piece, on the real employment deal and debunking bogus comparisons between W. and Bush 41. There’s more: NRODT’s editorial on the FMA, with strong, practical advice to the president, and a nod to Orrin Hatch. AND THERE’S MORE. Michael Novak dissects the Reagan Catholics. George Weigel provides a primer on the cleric-abuse report from the Catholic bishops’ review board. Stanley Kurtz on the Elliot Spitzer and gay marriage. And, well, there’s a lot more, Kudlow, Frum, Derb, MORE, MORE, MORE…go check it out.


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