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Fidel Jr. and Us

On the homepage today, I have a piece about Fidel Castro Jr., who died last week at the age of 68. He had a turbulent life, as you can imagine. His mother was Mirta Díaz-Balart, aunt to my friend Lincoln, the former congressman (and to Mario, the current congressman). That is a story unto itself, of course.

Here on the Corner, I would like to highlight something from a New York Times report on “Fidelito” (as Castro Jr. was known). (“Fidelito” means “Little Fidel.”) You can see where Fidelito and we conservatives are in perfect agreement:

Mr. Castro Díaz-Balart remained a champion of nuclear energy, making the case for its growth in developing countries in a 2002 essay in the International Atomic Energy Agency Bulletin. “Widespread understanding is the key to popular acceptance,” he wrote.

Yes, indeed. Ignorance is the best friend that opposition to nuclear power has. Maybe Castro Jr. could have written for NR? On this, at least?


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