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Fifteen Things that Caught My Eye Today: Essential Worship & More (May 7, 2020)

1. The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom releases its annual report on religious freedom around the world

2. Turkey, for sixth time, cuts water supply to 460,000 civilians in north Syria

3. One south Bronx church has seen 13 coronavirus deaths

4. Caitlin Flanagan on having Stage IV cancer during these times

Do please pray for her and her family and all the people she gives voice to

I remember how much our Kate O’Beirne enjoyed her book on motherhood

5. David French: “Ahmaud Arbery’s killers should be arrested and tried for murder.”

6. From Harvard: Religious services may lower risk of ‘deaths of despair’

7. “The hospital has seventeen beds for intensive care. The city of New York asked us to have seventy beds available. And we only have one intensive care doctor.

8. Meet the 107-Year-Old Woman Who Survived the Coronavirus and Spanish Flu

9. Pandemic brings ‘a very different kind of Church’ to London’s homeless

10. Should the likes of the Little Sisters of the Poor stick to knitting?

11. Horses bring joy to seniors through nursing home windows

12. Catholic schools are at risk and so are the students

13. AFT and superintendents group to districts: Ignore DeVos’s guidance on aid to private schools

14. Jennifer Fulwiler with some life advice and a new book on The Today Show

15. Last week, the Sisters of Life had a virtual gala. You can watch it anytime here, and I think you’ll be happy you did.




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