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Fifteen Things That Caught My Eye Today: Foster Care, Coronavirus, Elderly & More (May 27, 2020)

If you didn’t get to watch today’s (inspiring!) foster-care virtual event, you can watch it here:

I’m so grateful to everyone who participated and made it possible. I’m so grateful to the National Review Institute for supporting such thing — and for your support for the National Review Institute!

[Note: The YouTube had been temporarily unavailable. Another option for viewing here.)

1. Canadian military details horrific conditions in nursing homes battling Covid-19

2. Stranded Babies, Hurting Moms: COVID-19 Crisis Highlights Problems With Surrogacy

3. How to help teens navigate the disruption and uncertainty of a pandemic

4. To Mental Health Care Providers and Faith Leaders: A Note of Gratitude and a Call to Connect

5. The Ideology of Transgenderism Will Brook No Dissent

6. The Black-White Divide in Suspensions: What Is the Role of Family?

7. Father John Tveit: Going out: A Covid Diary

8. Why medical students should learn about religion

9. New York Times: How a Queens Pastor Tends to His Flock from Six Feet Away


11. Christianity Today: The Black Death Left Many Terrified. Not Catherine of Siena.

12. The masked but unconquered smile

13. The Antilibrary: Why Unread Books Are The Most Important

14. On Francis Collins: “He treats every person, young or old, educated or not, with the dignity and respect they deserve as human beings … his humble posture toward others speaks the loudest and gives the most life to people around him.”

15. Heather King: Ten ways to live for today



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