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Fifteen Things that Caught My Eye Today (June 10, 2019)

A few days’ worth here:

1. He lost his family home to ISIS. Now he’s returning as Archbishop of Mosul

2. Pope Francis reiterates he wants to go to Iraq

3. Scale of worldwide Christian persecution deeply disturbs” UK foreign  secretary

4. Louisiana extends foster care to age 21

5. Former teen mom celebrates son: I chose not to abort . . . Look what God has done!

6. Stephen White on the Catholic bishops’ meeting this week

7. About the bishops’ law review board

8. Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia on Joe Biden

9. Simcha Fisher: On Notre Dame, the seal of confession, and Esmerelda: “The truth is, we do have religious freedom. We always will. It’s just that we might be sent to jail for exercising that freedom.”


11. On religion in the public square:

It is neither reasonable nor just to require Americans to ignore their faith when participating in the public sphere.  Politics is one of the ways we relate to each other, and any religion worthy of the name has something to say about how we ought to behave in such circumstances.  As long as politics deals with what we should or should not do, no worldview that provides answers to these questions, including religion, can be excluded.

Hat tip: Bradley J. Birzer

12. Luma Simms: Conservative Women and the Intra-Conservatism Debate

13. Boy with autism cruelly given ‘most annoying male’ trophy. Here’s a proper award.

14. Dad with Down Syndrome Inspires His Son



My syndicated column celebrates the publication of Chris Arnade’s Dignity.

I’m looking forward to being a part of this Catholic young women’s leadership Given forum next week in Washington. I don’t think that they planned it to be the same week as the bishops’ meeting in Baltimore, but I’m glad it is.

I saw my first link today for a book that I put together that’s coming out a little closer to the fall about prayer and mystic saints. It can be pre-ordered through the publisher here.


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