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Fifteen Things That Caught My Eye Today (October 10, 2018)

1. Thanks to those of you who came to yesterday’s When Women Pray conversation in D.C. at the Catholic Information Center. We talked about the urgency of prayer, its power, and the spiritual warfare that is so evident. We talked about Catholic women’s roles in the reform of the Church. I’m so sorry to not have a video to offer you — if you follow me on social media or receive my weekly e-mail, I had promised a Facebook live link, which didn’t work out in the end.

But there is still the very helpful book, which I have a chapter in, that is available on Amazon or from the publisher. And here is our Q&A that ran on this website when the book came out.

On October 24, I’ll be back in Washington co-hosting an event with my friends at Heritage and the Patients Rights Action Fund — consider joining us: J. J. Hanson’s Living Legacy: Renewing Our Will to Live and Love Until the End of Life. Among other things, J. J.’s wife, Kristen, will be with us. The two of them valiantly lived with and fought his brain cancer until Christmastime this past year. They are such a witness to what love can do in the face of adverse diagnosis and terminal illness. It isn’t easy, but the unexpected joy can be amazing. We’ll talk about the ongoing Hanson family story and the reality of laws and medical protocols that make embracing life so much harder. We’ll talk about palliative care and policy. And we’ll talk about women who devote their lives to caring for terminal cancer patients — one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever been, the hospice run by the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne just outside New York City.

And the livestream should really happen if you can’t make it! But do consider, it will be inspiring.

2. Bill McGurn on Oscar Wilde’s Catholicism in the Wall Street Journal.

3. Pope Francis likens abortion to hiring a hitman. And says: “Every man is worth the blood of Christ. We cannot despise what God so loved!”

4. More of this, please:

5. This is very good news out of Notre Dame about a terrific group: Women’s Care Center Foundation to receive 2019 Evangelium Vitae Medal.

6. On a Slippery Slope, Canadian Hospital Unveils Physician-Assisted-Suicide Plan for ‘Sick Kids’

7. U.S. States Struggle with Increase of Foster Children

8. I ran into a woman in Washington yesterday who told me that she and her husband are in the initial stages of adopting. This article, which I linked to in one of these #CaughtMyEye posts about the Siena Adoption Agency, helped them along. I include it again in case others might find it helpful and in case some of you might want to keep this couple in your payers. And maybe we can all think about what we can do to spiritually and materially help foster a culture that welcomes all children into loving homes and helps homes that need healing and support (who doesn’t?).

9. In America: Finding God by Welcoming the Disabled

10. Catherine Hadro: I was in a Netflix abortion documentary — here’s what you didn’t hear


12. D magazine: The Surgeon Who Works on Babies before They’re Born

13. The Trinity Forum is reading selections from Brave New World this fall, which seems about right.

14. The Tikvah Fund podcast is a conversation with Leon Kass about his life and the worthy life.

15. Comic books for the spiritually inclined.

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