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Fifteen Things that Caught My Eye Today (October 22, 2019)

National Review Institute is co-sponsoring a screening and discussion of an beautiful adoption documentary, I Lived on Parker Avenue, at the Sheen Center in New York on evening of Monday, November 4, to welcome in the start of National Adoption Month. Details here.

1. The Ninth Circuit just ruled against the Little Sisters of the Poor. Back to the Supreme Court? This is just about the most ridiculous battles of recent years, that the government ever made them have to fight for their religious liberty — and they are still fighting.

2. Norway’s Barnevernet and The Future of Parental Rights

3. Mindy Belz: A Cruel Withdrawal (from Syria)

4. Christian Communities in Northeast Syria Are the Target of a Turkish Attack for the First Time in Over a Century

5. Rape, medical experiments, and forced abortions: One woman describes horrors of Xinjiang concentration camps

6. Group of 13 North Koreans Reach Southeast Asian Destination After Long Trek Through Four Countries

7. From our friend (NR alumna) Jillian Kay Melchior: Hong Kong’s Spiritual Battle


9. Here, the opioid crisis is bigger than politics. As rehab centers replace pill mills, an Ohio River city fights back



Me, too, John. Me, too.

11. Trey Gowdy: Elijah Cummings and I were political opponents. We were also good friends.

12. “The People Who Helped Me the Most Were the Librarians” — Rep. Elijah Cummings


14. Three Sane Decisions to Help You Save Your Soul

15. A homily for today, which is the feast day of John Paul II 

Also, this.



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