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Fifteen Things that Caught My Eye Today (October 24, 2019)

1. New data show first foster care decrease since 2011, record number of adoptions

2. United Arab Emirates to fund rebuilding of Catholic churches destroyed by ISIS

3. Democracy Won’t Save the Middle East’s Religious Minorities

4. Catholic agency says Nobel Prize can shine light on peacebuilding in Ethiopia

5. This Elizabeth Warren tweet:

Of course, “we put lives in danger” . . . with legal abortion. And then there are the hearts and souls.

That’s part of the reason I wrote this about a recent experience outside an abortion clinic.

6. Michael Wear in The Atlantic: Why Democrats Must Regain the Trust of Religious Voters


8. Simone Biles: From foster care to the most decorated gymnast of all time


10. A Book on Dignity for All Has Much to Teach the Church

11. This is encouraging: a campaign centered around the declaration: “My faith guides my politics, not the other way around”


13. George Weigel on the “Ideological Hijacking” of John XXIII

One of my favorite things WFB ever wrote (but I have a number) was his remembrance of John XXIII when he died). He’s thoroughly misunderstood and underappreciated. His Journal of the Soul should be required reading for diocesan priests, especially.

14. A plea to revive the rom-com


PLUS: A mention of A Year with the Mystics

Also, A Year with the Mystics is back in stock on Amazon and on sale

Two upcoming New York events:

A National Adoption Month screening and discussion of the documentary I Lived on Parker Avenue on Monday Nov. 4

And a discussion with Mary Eberstadt about her book, Primal Screams on Friday, Nov. 8


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