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Over the weekend, New York archbishop, Timothy Dolan, spoke about the marriage bill before the state senate in Albany. 

The Daily News surveyed the congregation:

Dolan, the leader of 2 million Catholics, used his pulpit to pray “that marriage stays between a man and a woman in the state of New York” – a view that got mixed reviews from worshipers at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Megan Seaman, 18, who was visiting from Cleveland, said she thought Dolan’s prayer was inappropriate. “Maybe there were gay people in the church. That’s offensive,” said Seaman, who has plans to study at Cornell University in the fall.

I hope Megan has the opportunity to read what he wrote earlier in the day

Please let me once again resist the caricature that we are “anti-gay.” Our strong convictions are not anti anybody, but simply pro marriage. We would just as vigorously defend marriage from a demand by a heterosexual, or anybody else, to redefine the very nature of marriage to accommodate a relationship beyond that of one man and one woman.

We celebrate Father’s Day. The sacred word “father” implies “mother.” The terms “father and mother” presume “husband and wife,” and imply “children.”

These words are so basic that they’re the first ones a baby says; so foundational that they’re among the first words of the Creator recorded in the Bible.

Government presumes to redefine these sacred words at the peril of the common good.


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