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Fight Back by Donating

Got this most interesting note from a friend who is a touring musician:

Hi, Jay,

I’ve been traveling and have had to follow the Bristol Palin story on my BlackBerry. I’m just so disgusted by the MSM’s feeding frenzy that I woke up stewing about it well before dawn. It’s simply appalling and outrageous that they would use any politician’s child and her personal problems to try to destroy the parent’s candidacy. I hadn’t contributed to McCain previously, but I like Palin so much and so despise what currently passes for journalism that I contributed $250 at about 4:30 a.m. Then, while waiting for my flight this morning, I saw the three (!!!) New York Times stories about Bristol/Sarah Palin. I’m sending another $100 and I’m going to continue until McCain-Palin are elected and/or this despicable use of Palin’s daughter stops.

And I want to tell you, friends: This is no hothead who has written here. Quite the contrary. He is a soft-spoken, refined, measured man — but he’s just disgusted, as so many are.


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