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Fight Bernie and His Socialist Menace

Sen. Bernie Sanders appears at a New Hampshire primary-night rally in Manchester, N.H., February 11, 2020. (Rick Wilking/Reuters)

No, Socialism isn’t Communism’s harmless, goofy kid brother. It is nasty stuff. Even when sugar-coated with religious folderol (as the great Clare Booth Luce expressed in NR’s pages in 1976, on the cusp of Jimmy Carter’s presidency), it still is nothing other than a scheme to control your life, to take your property, to limit your freedoms, and to bankroll the proletariat’s covetous vanguard.

À la Mrs. Luce, I have it on good authority that tomorrow NRO will republish a 1958 piece by Frank Meyer that presents a cogent and powerful attack on this ideology, and the choice we conservatives – we believers in free men and women – must make when faced with Socialism as a ruling structure in our body politic and daily life.

But let’s talk today, and now: We have embarked on a quick webathon (the expiration date is this Sunday – you may have milk in the refrigerator that will outlast it) seeking $25,000 or more (pray the Creator stirs enough hearts) to help NR in our fight to battle this menace. You can donate here. No, it’s not something that can be defeated or eradicated: Socialism, like sin, (indeed, a sin) is an enduring blight that will be with us until the end of time. Frequently, it is in the ascendency: Right now, it thrives through the unkempt and geriatric allure of Bernie Sanders, who appeals to a generation raised on Howard Zinn. It will remain a cause and a concern for ensuing ages. But do not despair! This persistence is not a reason for concession, but a mandate to mount the barricades, bayonets fixed.

So get invigorated for the challenge. Since we commenced this effort yesterday, many scores of NR readers have pitched in, claiming membership in the we-happy-few band of brothers and sisters determined to fight back. Who are they? And what did they say when they signed up?  Here is a sampling of such:

  • Earl spots us $20 and a bumper sticker slogan: “Just say Nocialism.” I’m not groaning – thanks kindly.
  • Janik finds $50 and donates it along with a history lesson: “We won the Cold War only to see the ugly head of commies appear on our own soil. Am afraid that this is yet another unfortunate from coddling Red China for the past 30 years. Hey Bernie, I hear that Harold Wilson sends you his greetings (from wherever he may be).” Let’s pray he, and all who have gone before, have met with a forgiving God. That said, many thanks.
  • Mike also drops $50 into the collection basket and makes the medicinal case for our fight: “Socialism is like a staph infection. If left untreated (unchallenged), it will kill the body. Don’t let creeping socialism kill the dream for independent citizens of the United States.” And that’s what it would do Mike. Thanks a ton.
  • Charles tosses in a generous $100 and shares a simple motivation: “For my grandchildren.” Right as right can be, Charles!
  • Paul also sends NR a portrait of General Grant and tells the essential tale: “I am 68 and grew up reading NR and admiring Bill Buckley. The Conservative movement is these United States’ best hope.”

It is, Paul. And we’d love for folks who, whether directly or from afar, found their lives altered by what Bill Buckley did through NR, and what NR continues to do for conservatism (combatting socialism tooth and nail!), to help keep this enterprise fortified and fighting on behalf of our mutually shared beliefs. Our pal Peter, God bless him, just sent a grand (sans comment). Zowie!  There are surely few who can match Peter’s grand (but, what if you can?! Maybe you can even surpass that amazing generosity!). But that figure should cause no pause: Please consider donating (before Sunday!) what your wallet might permit. Is it $10 or $100 or $500? No matter; it will be used consequentially.

We have a long way to go to reach our $25,000 goal (given our true needs, we could have set a goal sextuple that). So here’s the plan: You donate to the Battle Bernie Webathon so we can sock socialism in the puss. No worry if you prefer to do that in old-fashioned mode: Mail your deeply appreciated contribution (made payable to “National Review”) to National Review, ATTN: Defeat Socialism, 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036. God bless!


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