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A ‘Fight Song’ and a ‘Pro Tip’

Today, I wrap up my “Salzburg Journal,” with Part III. I talk about people, pastries, and other fundamental things. Several of the people are opera singers. Which reminds me …

You may have heard “Fight Song,” the pop song by Rachel Platten and Dave Bassett. It has been turned into a Democratic anthem, a Hillary anthem. They made a video of lots and lots of celebrities singing the song, in honor of their heroine and candidate, Hillary.

Before I continue, a word about the song. I keep reading, on Twitter and whatnot, what a piece of garbage it is. Okay. Write one better, or as good. I’ll wait for you. Take your time. And once you do it — count your money.

Back to this Democratic montage, or multi-celebritied video: I don’t know most of the people in it, naturally. I know the older ones — such as Jane Fonda. She brags about all the “fight” she has left in her.

American POWs, beware.

My main point is this: One of the celebrities is Renée Fleming. Who is a great singer. I don’t mean “great” as in, “This is a great tuna sandwich,” or, “Did you see that new show on HBO? It’s great.” No, I mean “great” as in rare, historic, immortal.

And they don’t give her a solo moment! Lots of other celebrities have solo lines. But they show Fleming with her mouth moving, singing in chorus with others.

I have come to despise a phrase that has recently popped up on Twitter (which is where I get all my information): “pro tip.” But let me use it: Pro tip: When you have Renée Fleming in your video, let her sing!

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