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Final-Countdown Time: Help Us Hit a Nice, Round Number

(Thomas White/Reuters)

Right now, this is the song running through all our heads.

It’s the final countdown, as Europe once bellowed, which is an ironic reference given that NR’s David Harsanyi declared war on the continent just this week (they’ll both be fine; we quietly disarmed each side beforehand). Either way, our fall 2021 webathon is drawing to a close this weekend, and we wanted to (a) thank everybody who contributed for their coin and their kind words and (b) make a home-stretch appeal to those who have not to consider doing so.

Where’s that donation link? Funny you should ask, because we have it right here. At the time of this writing, your support has nudged us past $130,000; we’re hoping to reach at least $150,000 by the time the curtain closes. It would be swell if you could help us hit the mark.

We’ve spent much of this past month trying to pull out our charts and spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations to demonstrate the return on investment you get in exchange for your donation (or subscription to NRPlus, if so inclined). So we’ll bypass that part of the appeal here. Instead, how about some shout-outs to those who donated, eh?

Jeff, putting up $500, writes, “You guys are my daily ‘go to’ for news and reading. Please know that you are appreciated.” You are appreciated, thank you.

Mark, donating an eye-watering five grand, writes, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant. You are all: sunlight.” Tough to top that.

One anonymous donor notes having seen “a number of smart articles” on the pandemic, specifically seeking more of said articles. Rest assured, you will get them. Somebody call Jim Geraghty.

Another simply pens the following note: “Charles C W Cooke!!”


Thanks to all, and here’s looking at 150.


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