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White House briefer Tony Fratto, from the press gaggle this morning as Bush flew to Billings, Montana to campaign for Conrad Burns:

A couple words on the President’s remarks in Montana.  Two things you want to look for that I can highlight for you.  The President will be focusing on the importance of the Senate’s role in approving judicial nominations.  It’s obviously a very important subject for the President.  Senator Burns has been instrumental in helping to move and confirm federally-appointed judges.  The President has an interest, as you’ve heard him address previously, in not having judges on the bench who seek to legislate from the bench and who are activist judges.  So that’s something you should look for in his remarks.

And also you’ll see language in there on the Patriot Act.  Obviously, the Republican Senate was instrumental in reauthorizing the Patriot Act — passing it the first time and then reauthorizing it recently.  Something to remember, Senate terms are six years; the Patriot Act was — it was a five-year reauthorization, so it’s going to come back and we want to make sure that Senator Conrad Burns is in the Senate when the Patriot Act comes back for reauthorization.

Byron York — Byron York is is the author of The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.

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