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Final Follow-Up On Arnot Post

For the benefit of those of you who have been with us for a few hours now and are interested: From “Former Tank Officer and ex-reporter” Guy:

Funny, beating up on Bob Arnot, for explaining to the audience what

anyone can see from a map.

1. Centcom announced the crossing of the Tigris, and specified the

location as north of Al Kut.

2. All the analysts describe the north/east bank of the Tigris as the

“traditional” invasion route. Do you think the Iraqis might also know


3. The idea of conducting a division movement to contact down one

highway is not realistic.

4. Even BG Brooks had to stifle a chuckle when he was asked about the

direction the 1st MEF was moving. Sure, they COULD go south, but since

Baghdad is the objective, why would they?

5. I don’t recall anyone getting their knickers twisted when CNN was

blasting out that the 3-7th Cav (the so called “wall of steel”) was

leading the advance of the 3d ID along the south bank of the Euphrates.

Could it be because common sense tells us a primary mission of the

division cavalry squadron is to conduct an advance guard?


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