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Final Solution to the Tibetan Problem

From the letters columns of The Economist, April 24th:

Chinese Tibet

SIR — You seem to support various accusations made by exiled Tibetans (“Torch song trilogy”, April 12th). You could also explore opinions that are more in line with the majority of the Chinese people. Tibet has been a protectorate of China (and later under formal Chinese jurisdiction) since the Qing Dynasty 300 years ago. It will always remain a formal part of China. The Chinese people should migrate to Tibet in massive numbers. Then maybe 20 years from now we can hold a formal free referendum in Tibet to decide its fate and satisfy the international standard for democracy.

Lawrence Ren

Guangzhou, China

[Me]  That would be “democracy with Chinese characteristics,” I guess. But why go to all the trouble of waiting 20 years? The Tibetans should just be relocated away from what they so preposterously call their “homeland” to other parts of China, where they would probably be much happier. Since they are really Chinese, there would be no injustice involved. Don’t Americans relocate to different parts of the U.S.A. all the time? Well, then! Problem solved!


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