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Finally, Something to Agree with Chuck Hagel About

Everything he said yesterday, as reported by the New York Times this morning, is true … though not for the reason he thinks:

Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, who has been the loudest Republican critic of the president’s Iraq policy, also signed the letter after his vote contributed to a delay of the Iraq debate. “People of this country look at us and shake their heads in disgust,” he said in an interview Wednesday evening. “The message we’re sending to the American people is that we don’t have time, we’re not mature enough to find a way to deal with the most important issue of our time.”

Yup.  You don’t want to try to win, you won’t face the consequences of losing, and you don’t have the courage of your convictions to end the war by cutting off funding, so you’ll whine over foot-stomping resolutions.  That’s a very mature way to deal with the most important issue of our time.  What about “the message” your resolution will send to America’s troops and America’s enemies? 

Thank you for your bold leadership, Senator.  We’ll now go back to shaking our heads in disgust.


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