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Finding Matters More Than Flanking

Today on Uncommon Knowledge, John Arquilla, professor of defense analysis at the Naval Post Graduate School, and Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Fellow and military historian. In netwar — wars against networks — John asserts that finding the enemy is a unique challenge which the U.S. military must address.

John Arquilla: There are over two dozen wars going on around the world today, and they’re all insurgencies or guerrilla wars or protracted periods of terrorism.  In each of these wars, the terrorists are vastly outnumbered by security forces there – police and military.  But the problem is you can’t find them.  If you can’t find them, you can’t fight them.

Victor Davis Hanson: There are people who do not want to fight a western type of war because they understand where it leads – superior discipline, organization, fire power, will destroy them and they start a challenge and response cycle.  The West has to have a conventional military, but we’re going to have to defer some of our resources to counter the counter response.

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