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Findlay, Ohio

I’ve spent time in Findlay, Ohio ( represented some trucking companies there)–about an hour and a half drive west of Cleveland. The WaPo article distills the elitist view of flyover country. Great folks in Findlay, and they’re not  the ignorant, racist yahoos the WaPo portrays them as. Put it this way, if I had to choose a neighbor at random, I’d much rather take my chances with someone from Findlay than someone employed by the WaPo or NYT; if my car were to break down, I’d prefer it do so in Findlay than almost anyplace in D.C.; if the big meteor hits…well, you get the idea.

Sure, it’s likely that not everyone there knows Obama’s bio inside out, but neither do the Obamamaniacs who think he will heal the planet–and I trust the Finlay folks’ ‘common sense skepticism more than the Obamamaniacs’ worshipful suspension of disbelief.


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