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Fiorina: I Wouldn’t Talk to Russia, I’d Rebuild Missile Defense in Poland

Responding to Donald Trump saying “I will get along” with Vladimir Putin, Carly Fiorina said tonight, “Having met Vladimir Putin, I wouldn’t talk to him at all; we talked way too much.”

Fiorina then made reference to Trump’s botched Hugh Hewitt interview, before laying out her own plan: 

FIORINA: “I would begin rebuilding the sixth fleet and missile defense program in Poland and conduct military exercises in the Baltic states and Vladimir Putin would get the message. The reason it’s important we know the general’s name is because Russia is in Syria right now because the head of the Quds force traveled to Russia and talked Vladimir Putin into aligning themselves with Iran and Syria to prop up Bashar al-Assad. Russia is a bad actor but Vladimir Putin is someone we should not talk to because the only way he will stop is to sense strength and resolve on the other side and we have all of that within our control. We could rebuild the sixth fleet. I will. We haven’t. We could rebuild the missile defense program. We haven’t, I will. We could to Senator Rubio’s point, give the Egyptians what they asked for, intelligence — “

TAPPER: “Thank you.”

FIORINA: “We could arm the Kurds, they have been asking for this for three years this is in our control.” 


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