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Fiorina Talks to NRO on Women at CPAC, What GOP Needs to do to Win Back California

Critics of CPAC, as well as the conservative movement as a whole, are flatly wrong about claiming women don’t have much of a presence at the annual conference, Carly Fiorina told National Review on location National Harbor, Md. “It’s just not factually true,” she said.

Fiorina encouraged people to look in to the large number of women on the main stage, speaking panels, in various leadership positions, as well as attendees at the conference. Conservatives need to combat the notion that women aren’t involved and engaged in furthering the cause, she added.

As a one-time Republican candidate in deep-blue California (she has since moved to Virginia), she provided some insight as to what it will take for the state to flip. Let’s just say, she think it’s going to take a while.


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