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Fiorina’s Evolution

Jim Geraghty, here at NRO, and Mark Barabak and Seema Mehta, in the L.A. Times, discuss the extent to which Fiorina’s political views have changed over the last few years. I had not been aware before Geraghty’s article that Fiorina had been for Sotomayor’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. But her view seems to have been based on deference to the president, which isn’t as relevant to evaluating whether she’d be a good judge-picker herself. She also seems to have favored federal funding for stem-cell research that destroys human embryos. Republicans have nominated a presidential candidate who took that view–John McCain–but I hope that Fiorina has reconsidered that position since her Senate race. At that time her argument was that it was alright if the embryos were going to be discarded anyway; maybe now the Planned Parenthood videos have brought home to her where that kind of logic leads.


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