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The Fire Hose This Week

Mona Charen and I have made another podcast, and you’re invited to listen to it: here. We talk about things that mean a lot, certainly to us. Why have Columbia and New York universities hired Kathy Boudin, the Weather Underground terrorist? What is the relationship between American liberals — good ol’ mainstream liberals — and the violent Left? We talk about Sakharov and Sharansky, and what it took to keep them alive. We talk about the news media — and in particular the nature of bias. (“The first rule of media bias is selection,” says Roger Ailes.) We talk about abortion: How did we wrestle with the issue, way back? We talk about Thatcher, of course. We even sneak in some talk about music, I think. In fact, I blast the mixture of talk and music! (“Less talk, more rock,” is my motto — one of them.)

WFB titled a collection of his speeches “Let Us Talk of Many Things.” The time seems to go so fast, when I’m yakking with Mona. And the world, for better or worse, won’t stop giving you things to talk about. It comes at you like a fire hose, as they say.

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