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Every now and again there’s a story in the press that’s a reminder that the heart of this country is still in the right place:

“PLATTSMOUTH, Neb. — Some Americans this Fourth of July plan to get a bang out of blowing Osama bin Laden’s head off. The bin Laden Noggin, a cone-shaped pyrotechnic device with a cartoon of bin Laden’s face, has been a hot seller at some fireworks stores around the country. When lit, the bin Laden cone erupts in blood-red flames and screeches for 60 seconds. Two shots blow his head off…”

Of course, there’s always a catch, and in this case it comes in the form of one Lisa Myer, who was reported as having had the following to say (yes, yes, we all know what’s coming next…, wait for it, wait for it):

“What are we trying to teach our children?”

Ah, the children. Of course.

Well, Ms. Myer, it teaches them that Americans are inclined to wish for the death of those who would destroy them – and that they will celebrate those moments when they occur.

Got a problem with that, Lisa?


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