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First and Sweetest

What is it about that first car? We never forget her. Er, I mean it.

I’m getting a raft of emails like this one:

John — My first car was a 1977 Ford Thunderbird that had been sitting in a field for about 7 years. I bought it for $300 in 1992 and sold it for $350 in 1997. I ran the odometer from 150,000 miles to over 300,000 miles. I didn’t put a dime into it except some elbow grease and parts scavanged from the Thunderbird that sat next to it in the field. I haven’t had a car as good since then. (Family Guy with two relatively new minivans.)

I suggest we can’t-forget-that-first-car guys** get together in a bar somewhere and drown our sorrows listening to each other’s stories. We’ll be needing some designated drivers, though.


** And gals, I’m sure; but the emailers so far are all XYs.


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